Electroides For Weather Steels


Special purpose electrode for weathering steels.

Characteristics & Applications :

KAYTHERME (SPL) is a special purpose welding electrode designed for welding of weathering steels like CORTEN or SAILCOR specially used in Railways, petro chemical industries & chemical Industries where excellent resistance against atmospheric corrosion is required. A balanced alloy addition of 0.60% Cr., 0.60% Ni and equal amount of copper, exhibites in the weld chemistry of undiluted deposits of Kaytherme (SPL), very good resistance against atmospheric corrosion.Weld beed is of Radiographic quality and electrode can be used on AC (OCV 90V Min.) or DC(+) in all conventional welding positions.

Mechanical Properties of Weld Deposit ( Undiluted)
Current Requirements : AC (90 OCV ) / DC (+)
Welding Instructions :

Rebake the electrodes at 2500C for one hour before use. Use short arc and lower currents.