Cutting & Gouging Electrodes


Cost saving & easy to use electrode for cutting of metals.

Characteristics & Applications :

CLEARCUT is a cutting electrode which eliminates the need to have costly implements for the cutting operations of any metal. This has been designed to cut carbon steels,. low, medium and high alloy steels, cast iron and other metals.This can be used .in all welding positions.

CLEARCUT handles high current with very ease. It developes smooth, penetrating and forceful arc which helps the metal to cut at a faster speed. The cut edges of the metals can be as smooth & clean as obtained by gas- cutting.

CLEARCUT is very helpful electrode in scrap- yards where dismentling job has to be taken- up in mass.

Current Requirments : AC/DC (+)


Electrodes for gouging & chamfering applications

Characteristics & Applications :

S.E.CHAMFER has been designed for Chamfering & Gouging application of several type of ferrous/non ferrous metals. The Blending used to coat the core wire of electrode gives highly exothermic & penetrating arc which makes the performance of electrode as better & better. This electrode, thus, saves oxyacetylene gases & allied impliments of special type of cutting torches. It's highly forceful arc removes all unwanted metals with ease and saves valuable time.

S.E. CHAMFER can easily be used for gouging/chamfering on Mild steel, Low Alloy, Stainless Steel, Castings, & several other ferrous & non ferrous metals to have a chamfered surface or to remove undesired metallic parts or nuts/bolts etc.

Current Requirments : AC/DC (+)